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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Services in the market place promote customer service and satisfaction. They say customers quit for the following reasons:
  • 2% Leave the area
  • 4% Improved Service Options
  • 9% Better Value
  • 15% Product Dissatisfaction ·
  • 70% Because of the Attitude and Indifference of Employees
Whereas, services for people with a intellectual or multiple disability are mainly captive market, and have little reason to consider the above criteria.

Non Government (Not for Profit) Service Providers have some reason to consider the above criteria and the following Service Quality Elements by Michael J. Kendrick PhD, because the DHS set some expectations on them through funding agreements.

In contrast, DHS direct services have little concern for the above criteria, or any other quality of life service quality elements, as they provide their service within a true public service captive market environment where customers (clients and their families) are considered a pest..... "The public hospital ran fine without the patients" - "Yes Minister!"

Elements of a service which actually benefit the people it is intended to serve - by Michael J. Kendrick PhD:
1. The regard and value the agency extends to consumers.
2. The loyalty and fidelity held by service providers to those served.
3. The degree of understanding present by those served.
4. The extent to which consumers are understood in terms of their needs.
5. The extent to which the agency individualises services.
6. The level of consumer participation and guidance in regards to what is happening with and for them
7. The relevance of service practices to people's needs and preferences.
8. The extent to which the service respects and strengthens the person's autonomy and self determination.
9. The extent to which the person is assisted in maintaining or strengthening their community.
10. The extent to which the person is supported in having and managing personal relationships.
11. The provision to consumers of just the right amount and intensity of support
12. The extent to which the agency addresses the person's development, growth, and competencies.
13. The presence of appropriate protection and safeguards for the person's vital needs.
14. The extent to which the agency preserves and nurtures the person's natural and informal supports.
15. Respect for the rights of the person and supports for the person to exercise these rights.
16. The extent to which the service and agency processes are understood and meaningful to the consumer.
17. The service should be affordable.
18. The service should adapt as individual needs change.
19. The person is not stigmatised through association with the service.
20. The service should be coordinated with other aspects of the person's life.
21. The level of appropriate acknowledgment and support for the existential, emotional and spiritual struggles of the person served.
22. Adequate levels of structure, consistency and dependability of service.
23. When supervision is needed, it should be properly targeted, enhancing, and empowering for the person.
24. The extent to which consumers' lives are encouraged to be as normal as possible.
25. That the interests and needs of the person served are not supplanted by the interests of the caregiver or the agency.
26. Consumers should not be subjected to involuntary interruptions in their home and work life.
27. The person should have effective access to independent and competent advocacy, allies and legal advice.
28. The extent to which the agency provides compensating supports to help consumers offset practical disadvantages they may face in community living.
29. The service should be conveniently located and accessible.
30. The service should have integrity, honesty, and authenticity.

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