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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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A National Disability Insurance Scheme by the Productivity Commission
"The most significant reform since Medicare, but more is needed!"

ABC 7:30 Report, Monday 23 November 2009.

Prime Minister Rudd has just announced the first step towards the establishment of funding which will allow people with a disability to have rights based services, in contrast to the present hand-out based services where people with a disability and their families have to beg, crawl and lobby for every crumb of service.

Mr Rudd said the Productivity Commission will look into the most significant social reform since medicare and compulsory superannuation a no fault disability insurance scheme similar to Medicare. A National Disability Insurance Scheme should remove the present reliance of people with a disability on their families, charities and government hand outs.

This no fault insurance scheme is certainly a grand vision from the present crises driven system where people have to almost collapse before they get any hand-out style help. The introduction of a NDIS will give people with a disability and their families a degree of independence from power over people bureaucrats. But the Productivity Commission is not due to report before July 2011.

LISA Comment: At last we are getting some real promotion towards a real potential for people with a disability and their families to have a right to services and equipment, not a hand-out for which they have to beg, crawl and lick the boots of captive market bureaucrats.

For years we have been saying that a small percentage on Medicare, or similar, would ensure people with a disability have a right to the appropriate level of care and support throughout their lives.

Nevertheless a "right" to services does not mean they will be "right", or that people will have choice. The present individualised ("Futures") funding of some day services, provides just a theoretical choice for most people, as there are few services from which to choose.

Those promoting the NDIS concept, consider it will encourage more service providers. We have reservations, and consider there will still be a need for an effective consumer support mechanism to complement the NDIS.........See More 

We see the time to celebrate the effectiveness of the NDIS concept, will be when the residents of supported accommodation group homes are not restrained by the government's "Disability Support Register (DSR)", and can say we don't like it here, we are moving to a group home run by a different service provider.

Coincidentally, The Australian Human Right Commission announces this is Social Inclusion Week........

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