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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Service users must - "Demand Quality of Life Care”!
Service providers must - "Earn Respect, Not Demand it"!

Shadow Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge said submissions to a Victorian parliamentary inquiry, which can be seen on reveal a supported accommodation system that is failing vulnerable Victorians, their families and carers.

Ms Wooldridge said these submissions send a very clear message that Victorians have no confidence in a system that is clearly failing to adequately support and accommodate people with a disability. Carers are crying out for help, frustrated with an inefficient system which does not even meet current demand, much less plan for the future.

In many cases, ageing parents who have spent their lives caring for their disabled child/adult family member are too afraid to die for fear that their family member will not receive proper care - Basic Minder, not Quality of Life Care!

Carers, parents, families doing it tough in caring 24/7 for their disabled family member at home with quality of life care, would most likely be forced to accept basic minder care, with their family member’s skills dropping like a brick, if they were ever to be offered a DHS group home for their family member.

Caring parents doing it tough at home, would go to being totally frustrated by the DHS captive market bureaucracy attempting to secure sustained and meaningful quality of life care for their family member in a DHS supported accommodation group home.

In attempting to secure quality of life care within the Department’s extensive, comprehensive, well published and promoted care policies, standards and values, carers, parents/families/carers would need to accept that the department demands respect but never accepts they need to earn the respect of carers, parents, families by providing quality of life care within a true customer service framework.

A recent business survey showed the top five reasons people buy products and services are:-
1. Confidence the products and services will meet their needs.
2. Quality of the product and service.
3. The level of service provided.
4. Selection or range of offers.
5. Cost.

NOTE: Cost is number 5. Confidence is number one!

The top reason is they believe you can deliver a solution that will take away whatever pain they are currently feeling, and produce the pleasure they are seeking.

· The pleasure caring families with a member living in a supported accommodation group home are seeking is to feel their family member will receive quality of life care, not basic minder care, without them needing to live for ever to monitor their family member's care. Their expectations are in numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This is just what departmental care policies, standards and values offer!
But not what the regions deliver!

Tony & Heather Tregale
Tel: 9434-3810.

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