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L.I.S.A Inc
LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Experiences of Restrictive Practices:
A view from people with disabilities and family carers

Key Themes

Achieving rights:
The need for advocacy Equality of arms Not sacrificing rights 'fundamental rights' for the greater good Recognising infringements human rights and freedoms and neglect Recognition of the under reporting of restrictive practices

Of personal possessions Recognition of where people have to sacrifice rights and choices for the behaviour of the few Allowing choice that promotes safety Recognising seclusion must be about safety and active engagement and support

Being more visible
Services and interactions open to scrutiny
Open door policy for families and advocates

Being informed:
All people being aware, informed and educated about rights Staff awareness of affects of their decisionmaking

At the level of interaction:
Inverting power relations between staff and people for whom they support with their circle of support Recognising staff interaction as a potential 'behaviour of concern' Recognising power in communal groups Trust and respect

Positive approaches:
Choices, hopes and aspirations reflected in support to accomplish these Choice of support and services

Services and Service System Issues
Social justice:
Equal access to services for all No withdrawal reduction/change of service without consultation Services that cater for diversity

Individualised Planning and Interaction:
Individualised plans as part of BSP decision making mechanism Positive views of the person and their goals Positive support always

Fundamental Values Required:
Honesty especially about hard to serve clients Working on principles of human rights Recognition that there is no right to do something that is wrong Hearing the voice of people with disabilities and family carers Working with families and people with disabilities collaboratively and co operatively Recognising the rights of access and scrutiny of family carers and advocates Recording systemic issues leading to organisationally restrictive practice Avoiding re badging of restrictive interventions Policy compliance auditing Review of Incident Report mechanisms at DHS level

Recognising Legitimate Causes of behaviour
Change the setting not the person.
Recognising environments of concern and characteristics of such environments.
Recognising when informal restrictions are a product of environment or the culture
Recognition of the effects congregate and communal groups have in producing behaviour
Understanding the relative comfort produced in different environments
Solutions that produce honest behaviour
Changing behaviour is not sufficient grounds for a restrictive intervention.

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