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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Real NDIS - A bridge too far!
"What is a real NDIS, and a bridge too far?"

Real NDIS is that which provides full entitlement quality of life services on an appeal based assessment of a person's needs. A bridge too far, is a broken, jokin' or token NDIS.

It is hard not to see the NDIS concept was ever more than a very hurtful slight-of-hand on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community - people with an intellectual or multiple disability and their families.

Any loss of intellectual capacity removes one's ability, and makes one vulnerable in this world like no other loss of function. It is almost impossible for those with normal IQ, to understand how demeaning life would be without this.

People saw the NDIS as the light in an otherwise very dark tunnel of hopelessness, and helplessness of begging and praying for a few crumbs of hand-out help.

NDIS was flagged to be a fair-go for such disadvantaged Australians. Whereas, in the cold-light-of-day, it is looking like being little more than a token gesture in the foreseeable future.

No matter what is said about well-to-do Australia, those with disabilities and their families are well down the pecking-order.

Even the high pecking order is suffering from the present economic slowdown - defence, education, health services, national dental, aged care, budget surplus etc, etc. Disability was never seriously considered against these heavy weights.

The publicly funded universal health care system, first called "Medibank", now "Medicare", was almost defeated at its inception in the 1970s. Like most in the USA still, no one wants to pay for universal benefits.

At the time universal health was mooted in Australia, people were content to pay their private health insurance, but considered those wanting a service should pay.

Seeing this applying to NDIS, the Productivity Commission opted for NDIS to be funded from government general revenue. The problem with this is, disability will always be the smallest hand in the lolly jar.

The general population expects to pay few taxes, but expect all the regular generic services - education, health care, dental care, aged care, defence.

Everyone has empathy with these - but not with disability. Most in the general population don't ever expect to be disabled, or know anyone who is.

Whilst the economic climate (LINK) is not conducive to the government's lolly jar providing a real NDIS, and that few are prepared to pay more taxes for better services, the disability fraternity should use their combined energy to actively encourage current services to be better in providing the level, quality, consistency, relevance, and the customer service and accountability they are intended to provide.

Extra 1: SBS TV Insight Program - "Breaking Point" - illustrated just how desperate families can get with no real help in the foreseeable future.

Extra 2: Distressed Mother of an Autistic Child Jumps to her Death - UK.

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