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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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The consumer must not to be expected to prove beyond doubt, sufficient to stand up in the supreme court..............

Once in a lifetime opportunity,
not to be missed!

The NDIS must not allow the continuation
of state based power over people

The NDIS must NOT follow traditional, since time immemorial, service provider practice, especially government direct care services being extensively and consistently in avoidance, denial and dismissive of matters raised by people with disabilities and their stakeholders (consumers).

If the consumer is to be valued, one of the key factors of the NDIS, then the consumer must be considered to have legitimacy when raising matters of concern with service providers. 

The consumer must not to be expected to prove beyond doubt, sufficient to stand up in the supreme court, to a myriad of review avenues, that the services are not being implemented within the support service intent  

Unlike most community services, support for people with disabilities has been funded by state governments who, in themselves, saw this public purse support as a very reasonable right for people with disabilities and their stakeholders to expect. 

In total contrast, those actually providing the support services, government department direct care services and non-government services funded by these state government departments, saw people as receiving public purse charity for which they must pay the price of never complaining or considering they have any sort of right to these support services.

Given state governments were limited in the amount of general revenue they could provide within their annual budgets, there was always a waiting list for state government funded support services, providing the opportunity for the management of these departments and those of non-government providers receiving their funding from these departments to have power over people with disabilities and their stakeholders.

Public service management of these government departments, the DHHS in Victoria, and management of some non-government providers saw a golden opportunity to protect themselves behind extensive restrictive practice barriers, making it as difficult as possible for consumers to question service level, quality and the actions of public service and non-government management.

Consumers are often forced to take their service level and quality concerns through a myriad of pseudo government review avenues who have unlimited resources to fob off and deny the consumer natural justice or even legal justice.  The process is stressful and very time consuming – certainly not for the faint hearted.  This water-boarding of consumers must stop!

Marketplace services which the NDIS is intended to be, is where the customer is valued and not scrutinised and intimidated.  Disability service consumers must be similarly valued, being considered always right.  With service providers going out of their way to demonstrate, assure and convince the consumer they are consistently providing services well within service intent and community expectations.

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NOTE:  We are seeking contact with those living in group homes,
especially DHHS group homes under NDIS, and/or their families
to ascertain what they feel has improved under the NDIS.

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NOTE:  We are always interested in feedback and information; general, specific, good or bad.
If you wish anonymously: Our mail address is, 73 Nepean Street, Watsonia, 3087


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