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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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National Disability Agreement Review by Productivity Commission - July 2018:  Submissions by 24 Aug 2018

"A Future Without Violence by the Australian Human Rights Commission" - July 2018

The Marketplace v The Captive-Market - Especially in the disability field

Victoria's group home Vacancy Coordination Team - Vacancy Application Form

Scope AustraliaDecision-making support: free online training for support workers

The "do what you like public service" must not be service providers for people with disabilities

Victoria Reneges on NDIS Service Agreements by JacksonRyan Partners
Support Service Monitoring - There Should be More of It!
Abuser caught on Camera - Herald Sun, Feb 3, 2018
HACSU's claim of a Victorian Government offer for their members - Jan 2018
NDIS Quality & Safeguards Consultation Paper - deadline Feb 2018
DHHS Victoria does what it likes :  As it always has!
Victoria says, to hell with the NDIS, we will run our own quality and safeguarding 
Minister and DHHS-DAS insulting NGOs
Expressions of Interest Stage
High Quality Service Delivery
Service Quality and Safety
Next steps for the NDIS in Victoria
Productivity Commission condemns DHHS in-kind funding as destroying incentive

Safeguarding Practices in DHHS Disability Accommodation Services by KPMG
 Enlightening Extracts from KPMG Review of DHHS.DAS in July 2015
KPMG Review of DHHS.DAS - Pagre 20HACSU Report on DHHS
Final Report of Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder - June 2017
Scope Pain Awareness Study - closes in August 2017
Letter from Minister Foley, Victoria, to Residents of DHHS Group Homes re EOI/NDIS

Scope - Pain Awareness Program

NDIS Discussion on ABC Radio 774 - 14 July 2014

"Is this the Future?" by JacksonRyan Partners- July 2016

The Barbed Wire Barrier to Justice by Max Jackson of JacksonRyan Parteners

Union HACSU in bed with DHHS Victoria, by LISA Inc.

Media Release, Feb 2016 :Deaths in Disability Care - Whoi Cares?"  by JacksonRyan Partners

"What Accountability in Disability, Yooralla?"

Consumers (people with disabilities & their stakeholders) frozen out by the OPA in Victoria

The Rumour Mill in Victoria

 A Royal Commission into the Disability Sector is a Must!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Disability is on his Agenda - 24 September 2015

The faultline in the decision making debate - Supported Decision Making versus Substitute Decision Making by JacksonRyan Partners, August 2015 

National Disability Advocacy Discussion Papers - July 2015

Autism Blows NDIS!  Autism Explosion leaves the NDIS is Disorder - The Australian_July 28, 2015

The Money or the Job, says Senator for NSW in the Financial Review, June 4, 2015

Smart Behaviour Management by Melbourne City Mission

Super Stuff from South Auatralia - Disability Speaks, Media Release - "Amazing!"

Victorian Government Department Despotic Bureaucrats Conceal and Re-Write Findings

The Victorian Parliamentary Disability Inquiry - Will this be a lost opportunity? by JacksonRyan Partners - May 2015 

Scope Outcomes Project - Closes June 2015,Next Month

DHHS Abuse & Neglect - Herald Sun, April 25, 2015

Bureaucratic Barriers Obdurate, the Age, April 21, 2015, by Max Jackson 

N E W S   I T E M S - APRIL 2015

Abuse and Neglect of people with disabilities in Mornington, Victoria

Actions of the ideologues force workplace closures for people with disabilities to then have nothing

What is truly new in accommodation for people with disabilities?, by Jackson Partners, March 3, 2015

Disability Sector Ignored by Media - Open Letter to Jon Faine, ABC Radio, 19 Feb 2015

DHHS, Victoria, Care Worker Charged, Herald Sun, February 3, 2015

A Critique of the Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria) Annual Report 2013-2014, by JacksonRyan Partners

OPEN LETTER by JaksonRyan Partners re ODSC's Summer 2014 Newsletter

MEDIA RELEASE - NDIS "National means National" by JacksonRyan Partners

Federal and State Reviews of Residential Services

MEDIA RELEASE - Cleaning up and clearing our Victoria's Disability Sector by JacksonRyan Partners - Dec 2014 

BLUEPRINT by JacksonRyan for Reforming Victoria's Disability Sector

MYTH BUSTER  - Paper No.1. by JacksonRyan Partners - "Exposing Disability Myths"

Recall from 2012 - DHS Under Fire : Calls for a Royal Commission 

MEDIA RELEASE - Disability Speaks from SA on Common Sense - 28 November 2014

Open Letter by JacksonRyan Partners re DHS Victoria - 28 November 2014

Open Letter by JacksonRyan Partmers re ODSC Victoria - 26 November 2014

"In Our Care" - ABC TV '4 Corners' - Monday, 24 November 2014

Open Letter by Barbara Dixon re Residential Care in Victoria - Nov 20, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE:- State Election Issue:  Abuse, neglect, exploitation and death in residential care by Palmer United Party - Sarah Taylor 

Supported Accommodation in the Marketplace - Sydney Morning Herard, 14 Nove 2014
MEDIA RELEASE -  Who will protect people with disabilities in residential care, asks jackson Ryan Partners

Australian Disability Enterprises (*Sheltered Workshops") by Carers Alliance - Nov 2014
Housing Crises for the Disabled - forcing abandonment and thereby reducing respite
Autism Research links 100 new genes linked to social-disorder - October 2014
Australia's Peat Island - young patients kept caged naked, banished from society
A JacksonRyan Partners Challenge Paper - A Critique of DSC, Victoria, Annual Report 2014
Living in Victoria's disability accommodation sector is a game of chance - JacksonRyan Partmers - October 1, 2014
Critique exposes deficiencies in Community Visitors Report,by JacksonRyan Sept 2014
Towards a new Guardianship and Administration Act in Victoria
Service Quality - The Future by Disability Speaks, SA
DWES/DWEL Aims, Applications and Criteria
Workplace Bullying, New Laws - by 'Third Sector'  :  Healthy Workplace - by 'Third Sector'
New Guardianship and Administration Laws in Victoria
An Analysis of ODSC Complaints Management by JacksonRyan Partners - July 2014
Talk-Fest: No Safeguard for Disability Rights - Media Release by JacksonRyan Partners - July 2014 
Duty of Care - An Enduring Story of Negligence by JacksonRyan Partners - July 2014
Government has no place in setting disability residential fees - Media Release by JacksonRyan Partners
Decision Making and the Law, Media Release by JacksonRyan Partners
Decision Making and the Law, Reality and Choice versus Ideology and Confusion by JacksonRyan Partners
Northlands Shopping Complex Quiet Room - Victoria - Images of the Room and its location within Northlands
VPSC Message re Residential Charges in Victoria, 19 June 2014
Balancing the Scales: 
Restoring the Place of Families in the Disability& Mental Health System – Victoria, Thursday, 31 July 2014
NDIS Disabibility Scheme Article Distorts the Facts, by JacksonRyan Partners
, 2014
Australian Economy in Deep Waters, Herald Sun, April 4, 2014
Review of Residential (Group Home) Charges in Victoria - April 2014
Abuse against people with disabilities in Victoria -  Waiting on the Disability Support Register
Questionable Activities in Victoria (National Standards & Residential Charges)
Deception in Disability Services in Australia -  More Principles, more Strategies and more Disguise
Autistic Boy aged 8 with an IQ of 168 forced to go to a Special School - UK Daily Mail, July 31, 2013
Host of Problems at a Yooralla group home in crises - The Age, Monday, July 29, 2013

BBC report on the language of social care in the UK
Experiences of people with disabilities reporting crime - Project
Parent activist extraordinaire, Joan Reid, launches a book on 29 April 2012
"Disabled children cost too much and should be put down" Outrageous Rant! - Daily Mail UK, Feb 28, 2013
Disabled Children more likely to be Abused  ~   Disabled Youth Abused more than Others - The Age, Dec 5, 2012
Tackling Bias Towards People with Disabilities - 3 Dec 2012  ~  Increasing employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
NDIS Regulatory Impact Statement - Released by COAG 7 Dec, 2012  ~  NDIS Bill - Draft Legislation
Brain Map shows differences in the brains of People with Autism - UK Daily Mail - October 17, 2012
Abuse, Assaults and Neglect on the rise in Disability Housing - The Age, October 12, 2012 
Life on the outer - The Age - October 17, 2012  ~  Quality Assurance Project
Genetic Test Could Predict Autism say Melbourne Researchers - The Age, September 13, 2012
Government Gag Funding  ~   Price, Waterhouse, Coopers Report - "Disability Expectations" - NDIS
Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities - 12 -14 September 2012
Heavily Bruised and in State Care - Victoria - The Age - 17 August 2010
Essential Medical Equipment Payment - Starts July 1, 2012  ~  MMR/Astism Link Story - UK Daily Mail -June 15, 2012
A Scanner Test to Spot Autism in 2 year-olds - UK Daily Mail - June 26, 2012
Draft Victorian State Disability Plan - 2013 to 2016  ~  Support Service Inadequate or Unavailable - DHS Victoria Crises Driven!
Mothers Beat a Teenage Autistic Girl - UK Daily Mail May 30, 2012  ~  Direct Funding and Employing your own Workers
Questionable Activities of DHS Victoria - ABC's 7:30 Report  ~  Designing the NDIS - Those Responsible - May 2012
Victoria secures new Disability Accommodation, says the Minister  ~  Principles of NDIS by COAG - April 13, 2012
PCA Consultations NSW ADHC - March 2012  ~  Disability Employment Services - New & Improved
Building Innovative Accommodation - Gillard & Macklin  ~  Supporting Decision Making - A SDA guide - DHS Victoria
Federal DHS, Annual Report (the Federal DHS incorporates Centrelink, Medicare and CRS Australia)
Community Attitudes to People with a Disability - University of NSW  ~  Grow out of Autism - US study suggests
"A Case for Change Report" - DHS Victoria - Dec 2011  ~  Restrictive Practices - DHS Victoria
"The Living Camera" - Man with Autism!  ~  BBC Science Program on Autism & Dyslexia - Audio Link
PricewaterhouseCoopers Report on NDIS  ~  Special Report from the UK on Autism - Education
Low levels of Zinc and Autism - UK Mail, 4 Nov 2011  ~  'Autism can be an advantage' - UK Mail, 4 Nov 2011
NDIS Appointments  ~  Poor Support - South Australia  ~  Abuse in UK Care Home
A New Study into Autism - New York Times July 4, 2011  ~  Disabled, World's Largest Minority
Our Society's Shame - Disgusting Abuse!  ~  Box-Ticking Bureaucrats let Abusers off the Hook
Obscene Jokes about Children with a Disability  ~  Autistic Children Forced to Run on a Speeding Treadmill
How does a Mother cope as Autistic Boys Grow-Up  ~  Families still wait for a fair go - The Age
New ABC Website - Disability Stories and Issues  ~  Blood test to diagnose autism! Potential Breakthrough!
Respite Review in Victoria by KPMG - Submissions Until 5 August 2010  ~  NSW Stateline on NDIS, 4 June 2010
RASAID on Supported Accommodation - ABC Radio 15 March 2010  ~  The Bureaucratic Battle for Kingsdene in NSW!

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