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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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NDIS Funded from General Government Revenue
With NDIS funded from other than a Medicare Levy or similar (where people pay, they have a service entitlement), services maybe just more of the present charity hand-out for which we all must be eternally grateful and never complain" Just more of the following

The Department of Human Services, Disability Accommodation Services, Victoria, is unable to properly and consistently manage its direct care services to ensure service to its clients/residents is consistently within the direction, intention and spirit of departmental care policies, standards and values.

In response to family concerns about the level and quality of care their family member is receiving in a department group home in Victoria, a Department Senior Manager said:-

"I am not prepared to investigate a matter based on generalised statements, but am happy to investigate allegations if provided with specific examples regarding staff performance."

LISA Comment: This response is asking families to point the finger and risk intimidation, so department management can say to direct care staff, "Its not us, but those families - we are on your side!"

Proper business management is that which pro-actively and consistently investigates and reviews all aspects of their service, for service improvements. Good managers welcome customer feedback in any form, as tools to service improvement. And, to help them covertly track and correct that having the potential to limit customer service and satisfaction.

Insisting customers provide specific staff information with their service level and quality findings, is a public service, captive market, restrictive practice intended to intimidate the customer, limit the complaints and reduce the need for DAS managers, above house supervisor, to properly man-manage and support direct care staff.

The traditional inability of public service management to properly and pro actively man-manage and support direct care staff caring for vulnerable people, is the main and very long standing reason why the various enquiries into disability services get nowhere, why people with a disability are frequently viewed as not real people and their families as nuisance factors.

With these factors rife: Complainants can lose more than what they have lost as a result of that which they were complaining about!

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