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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Marketplace v Captive-Market Management

Proactive market-place management, in comparison with much of the captive market, reactive business management of services for people with a disability, especially those of government direct-care services

Employees of a well-known worldwide market place business follow a standard ethical code of work-practice expectations which are set monitored and maintained.

With branches all over the world and a global reputation to maintain, this business has developed a uniform standard of conduct that applies to all employees. It requires the employee, upon being employed, to sign a copy of these expectations of ethical conduct, affirming that the employee understands them and agrees to implement them. The original standard was set on the basis that the entire business is that of being consistently ethical, truthful and dependable."

The business believes in the business adage that the customer is important. They expect employees to be committed to their jobs and to their customers, and to behave as ambassadors of the company. They also believe that it is important to acknowledge the community that supports each market place business and to return that support to the community. A system was established to train each employee in more than just how to perform jobs technically. It requires a structured orientation that would teach the employee these ethical standards and more, as well as the attitude with which the job is to be performed.

Employee Responsibilities
To perform to the highest standards set by the company, employees must treat fellow workers, supervisors and customers with respect. An employee cannot harass anyone or intimidate them. Abusive behaviour is not allowed. It is the employee's responsibility to help create an environment that is not offensive. Employees cannot utter slurs or offend others with words or actions. An employee must practice safety at all times to ensure not only his well-being but that of others. Alcohol or illegal drugs are forbidden.

Responsibility to the Company
During training, employees learn that they cannot use any company assets for personal reasons. This includes the misuse of assets as small as office supplies, or something as large as a company vehicle or expense account. Computers should not be used for personal emails or for accessing illegal or inappropriate material. The company owns not just the computers but the information entered into them, and is entitled to investigate their contents. An employee must guard against joining enterprises that create a conflict of interest. Privileged company information must be respected.

The Employee and the Community
The company is active in community involvement and in charities, including its own charities. Employees can play a vital role in supporting community efforts during times of disaster, giving of time and effort when needed. Employees may not pursue any political activity in the name of the company that is not approved by the company. Political activity of the employee's own choosing must be done on the employee's own time and resources.

Employee Recourse
There are times when an employee observes unethical or even criminal behaviour, or is a victim of unethical or criminal behaviour, and it is that employee's duty to report those violations of the company's standards. Because this can be a touchy undertaking, The company implements a procedure for this.

The first course of action is to speak to a supervisor or a manager about the issue. Often this is sufficient. If this is not possible, there are two other options to take. The employee can contact the company’s Global Compliance Office or, if the employee feels the need to report the violation anonymously, he may phone a Business Integrity Line.

Both numbers are given to employees during orientation. In either instance, the complaint will be dealt with and may involve an investigation. The employee is protected from retaliation by strict rules and regulations.

LISA Comment: Our practical experience is that most of the above is quite foreign to most of the public services in Victoria, with the total reverse being found in both the Police (Services) Department and the Department of Human Services, Disability Services, Victoria.

In total contrast, it is encouraging to see the NDS (National Disability Services) actively encouraging its CSO (Community Service Organisation) members to move towards marketplace services in readiness for the ISP funding format of the NDIS.

Nevertheless, there is a breath of fresh air, be it very light, in DHS circles within its Eastern Metro Region. The following actions of this region totally blew us apart ...

That contained in document "Positive Support Proposals" below, from the Eastern Region is language most families, in most other regions, could only dream about. Most families report a cool/cold attitude towards them, with a them and us culture.

Family Connections
Ideas from Eastern Region House Supervisors and Staff

These Eastern Region House Supervisors and Staff are building bridges by:
  • Open communications with families
  • Work with families
  • Display empathy Walk in their shoes
  • Keep parents informed, including via Email
  • Invite families to the house for Afternoon Tea/Dinner
  • Invite Families out for a meal
  • Visit Families
  • Have Working Bees and BBQs
  • Invite families to Parties, Christmas and Birthdays
The existence of these documents appears unknown to management/staff in other regions. There appears little interest in promoting this Eastern Region philosophy in other regions.

We believe the Eastern Metro Region is saying to consumers (its clients and their families), "We will show and prove to you that we are providing services within the direction, intention and spirit of departmental care policies, standards and values: Not expect you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are not."

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