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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Manchester in DHS Group Homes

‘Bedding, Towels, etc’

Those with family members in DHS managed group homes throughout Victoria will recall the minister’s grab for cash from the residents, by attempting to increase residential charges to 75% of their DSP.  This grab was finally defeated just before the last federal election.

Minister Wooldridge, still determined to get something to help fill the black hole in her budget, got her department to engineer a five-card-trick to get federal money.  The department got the feds to cough-up a full CRA for each resident, if group home rent and housekeeping was put together – bundled.

Given 'Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)' is personal, the department needed a sweetener to get families/administrators to handover the full CRA.  This is the provision of manchester and whitegoods in exchange for the full CRA.  As most residents were not getting the CRA before, it would not be missed.  So manchester and white goods are a bonus.

As good manchester has a most personal benefit for residents, it is important to be aware how the department’s  procedure will be implemented and have the potential to improve quality of life for those with so little in their lives.

Traditionally, the resident’s administrator was responsible for funding manchester.  Administrators are generally family members or State Trustees.  Either way, it was often difficult for house staff to get money for manchester - with pillows often like biscuits and towels like sandpaper and/or rags, etc.

With the department now directly paying for manchester in the form of a payment of $13.60pf ($353.60pa), from 1st April 2014, directly to the group home for each resident. 

As the department’s HO has failed to issue a standard-procedure directive, some house supervisors are putting the manchester money into the housekeeping account, with a XL spread sheet to keep track of each resident’s manchester expenditure and balance. There will, therefore, be a need for families, administrators, stakeholders to keep a general eye on their member’s manchester purchases and balances.    

Having money directly available at each group home, for each resident, will leave little room for residents not to have good manchester.  And, we will be encouraging community visitors to inspect and report on the residents’ manchester during their visits. 

Naturally, families still have the right to check their member’s manchester at any time.  And, purchase this if they wish – reimbursed from their member’s manchester funds.

Apart from meaningful ‘Active Support’ and good ‘Personal Care’, there are a number of factors which especially enhance quality of life – good dental care, good food, good clothing, good footwear and good manchester.

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