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L.I.S.A Inc
LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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LISA's NDIS Participant/Consumer Links

Although Carers Australia have come-up with a wonderful concept, that of linking those already on the NDIS system with those who are not yet, as a learning process.  They are currently insisting the two parties communicate only through their telephone conferencing process, rather than just helping parties to make the initial contact and go their own way. Conversley, LISA Inc is offering a confidential, go your own way, following the initial contact .

The disability field has always been that of consumers (people with disabilities and their stakeholders) being kept in "darkened-silos" by bureaucrats and block funded service providers.  The internet has helped break many barriers, but government bureaucrats still maintain barriers better than the green zone in baghdad.

Therefore it is a breath-of-fresh-air that the NDIS is encouraging participant/consumer contact to exchange ideas and findings, as the new concept will be initally quite daunting.

We call on those in the NDIS launch areas, and those in the initial state roll-out areas to offer their help to others, so we can all learn from each other by contacting Carers Australia or LISA Inc.

Naturally, LISA Inc. is especially interested in NDIS participants living in shared supported accommodation group homes throughout Australia, but we are happy to help all other NDIS participants.......  Our contact details are on this website.



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