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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Government to Non-Government Transition

Families/stakeholders of a member living in a Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Victoria, managed group home.

Client and Family Engagement Framework for the transfer of Victorian government operated disability services to the non-government sector that the NDIS may operate as intended.

LISA Comment:: Currently (March 2016), around half of the group homes in Victoria are directly managed and operated by the State Government.  The other half are managed and operated by non-government, not for profit service providers.  Consumers were never given a choice.  They never chose their support service provider.  Therefore, they have little right of retention redress with government services being moved to the non-government sector.


On 1 December 2015, the Victorian Government announced its intention to transfer government-operated disability services to the non-government sector. As part of this transfer, the Government will commence a transparent and robust process to identify which organisations are best placed to provide disability services that are currently provided by the State Government.

The transfer of services will only occur when the Government is satisfied that:

  • providers have the capacity and expertise to deliver quality services to clients.
  • strong and enduring safeguards are in place for clients
  • disruption to continuity of care is minimised
  • staff are supported including support in moving to employment with the non-government sector and have access to education and training to develop their skills and continue to support clients.

LISA Comment:  The DHHS cannot run its own services properly.  So for them to evaluate NGOs, is hypocritical of the DHHS!


There will not be a blanket approach for the transfer of services. In some areas, and for some clients, the Victorian Government may need to continue to play a role for a longer period of time. The Victorian Government is committed to a detailed, consultative and rigorous transfer of services with strong engagement with clients, providers and the workforce to ensure the transfer is smooth and clients will continue to receive quality disability services under NDIS in Victoria.

LISA Comment:  The DHHS cannot provide services under the NDIS.  As clients under NDIS are intended to have “Choice & Control”.  Whereas, the DHHS have the choice and control!  Also, the NDIS intention is that service providers be in the market place.  The public service DHHS can never be, “In-the-marketplace”!


LISA Comment:  The basic change-over of DHHS group homes to NGOs is quite straightforward, if the DHHS do not deliberately make it as difficult as possible for NGOs taking over.

DHHS direct care staff are given four options, stay working at the group home, be offered alternative employment with DHHS, take a package, if offered, or resign.  NGOs will prefer DHHS direct care staff remain in their positions in the group homes.  The initial operational service transfer will occur at the level of “Operations Manager”.  So if all house staff decide to remain, they will just be under an NGO manager.  Initially, little different than, under DHHS, having a fresh “Operations Manager”.     

 Base questions with LISA answers for consideration:

  • Timing:  When is it going to happen?  Unknown
  • Providers:  Have you identified any providers as yet? Yes, most existing NGOs
  • Is it possible for-profit providers make money off residents?  Yes, but provide better services in return. But most service providers will initially be existing NFP, NGOs
  • Who has the power to hold service providers to account?  Processes within the ILC 
  • Houses:  Will clients have to move?  Not unless they wish to do so
  • Is this transfer going to lead to better housing?  N/A
  • Client movement:  Will residents stay togetherIf they wish to do so
  • Services:  Will services be designed around the client, rather than around the service providers' cost considerations?  The primary intention of the NDIS is services to suit the client (Individualisation) .
  • Will clients have the same / greater ability to get out / get around?  More under NDIS if they choose.
  • What say will we (parents & family members) get in the service operations?  Whatever is determined under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.
  • Staff: Will existing, good staff stay, who know residents well?  If they choose to stay.
  • How will the quality of staff be guaranteed?  Under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and the NDIS Act.
  • Costs:   Will it cost more?   Yes, Residential Charges if DHHS do nothing as they have since the VPSC report on Residential Charges

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