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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Wednesday, November 16 2011

Those parents who have pulled their adult family member out of a group-home and day-centre, into a self-directed lifestyle, say it’s the very best thing they did for their loved one.

Many of these families did not move to self-directed-approaches ( SDA), solely because of the more subtle aspects of the SDA lifestyle quality, such as not being horded around like sheep. But because of the lack of quality-of-life-care, overall.

It is sad when, after all the years of CRUs and ATSSs, families finally become so sick of their loved one languishing in minder-care group homes and day centres - losing skills and self-esteem. When it is not rocket science to a least ensure residents/clients receive very meaningful and consistent quality of life care within recognised community standards. Rather than basic minder-care.

When young adults move from the family home, to a group home, their quality of life drops significantly. When they move from a Special, or Special Developmental School, to a Day Centre (ATSS), the level and quality of service frequently drops sinificantly. It is, therefore, easy to see why SDA is being promoted so strongly.

It is equally easy to see the need for Day Centres (ATSSs) to be staffed and funded by Education Departments, not Human Services. And that all group homes be operated by NFP/NGO/CSOs, under quality control contracts, and within NDS service quality guidelines.

Although the advocates of SDA, very actively encourage everyone to move to SDA, the very large number of people currently in group homes and day centres, means it is not an overnight transition - even if everyone was willing and able.

Certainly, people with a disability and their families can be encouraged towards SDAs, they should not be seen as languishing away if they choose not to move to a SDA.

The standards of day centres and group homes, especially government direct care group homes, need to be significantly raised, as do their customer relations, to ensure the person with the disability and their family are at the very centre of every aspect of service provision.

Although we accept there are many CRU and ATSS facilities who do their best to provide care and support as good as possible, those who support and promote self-directed-approaches (SDA), do not consider the concepts can ever be good enough.

See "Field" Web Site:

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