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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Friday, December 09 2011

Disability flavour of the month, but federal government makes a meal of it

The introduction and implementation of a National Disability Insurance Scheme will transform the way disability services are provided to Australians with significant disabilities. It is a serious business for which the state governments are already earnestly preparing.

Ultimately it will be the states that deliver an NDIS with accountability to the Australian taxpayer for how the money is spent, which is as it must be.” says Mary Lou Carter, secretary of the Carers Alliance.

“Yet, so far the Federal government is basically saying to people with disabilities: ‘Look at what we are doing. We are doing anything that looks like we're going to do something to prepare to seek to find a way to be moving forward while actually standing still.’ People with disabilities deserve better than that” said Carter.

“While disability appears to be on everyone’s lips and flavour of the month, the Gillard government is making a meal of it through small-beer announcements that do not confirm the Scheme is good to go. “

“Playing ducks and drakes is unworthy of a government that’s fed the hopes and expectations of hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities, their families and supporters” said Carter.

“People know how the political process works. If it’s not in the budget forward estimates it doesn’t exist nor does it exist if there is no legislative timetable.”

Mr Swan’s mini-budget announced last week does not have an NDIS in the forward estimates and there is no announced legislative timetable.

So announcements at National Conference remain as gestures without budgetary backup.
Unless of course an NDIS will be implemented off-budget like the NBN, now that would be historic.

Carers Alliance says to the Gillard government: We’ll believe it when you “show us the money” and the legislative timetable.”

Carers Alliance is a federal political party formed to promote a better life for and advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities and carer-families who support them

Media Contact: Mary Lou Carter, Secretary, Carers Alliance: 0425 363 421

Carers Alliance is a federal political party formed to promote a better life for and advance interests of people with disabilities and carer-families who support them

LISA Comment: The Dental Lobby is jumping on the NDIS bandwaggon format for a whopping 12 billion dollar need. Given they will easily have the whole population in support, is there any hope for NDIS.

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