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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Friday, February 24 2012

The Sheriff of Nottingham demanded the common people show respect when he took their money: Robin Hood had different views – So has LISA Inc., in respect to people with a disability and their families.

This is a sign not only of obedience, but of subservience. An acknowledgement of the humble place in which people with a disability and their families are expected to be to receive support. Most of which is a charity hand-out, not an entitlement, in a world of captive market services for those with a disability and their families.

The moment your child is diagnosed with a disability, your life becomes a lone battle against bureaucratic barriers far superior to the well-known green zone in Baghdad, until you depart this world.

Captive market bureaucrats expect families to be totally respectful, obedient and subservient to them, no matter what they do, say, offer or don’t offer in respect to help and services.

The government of Victoria originally established departments with public funding to serve the people of Victoria through direct and indirect service provision.

Over the years many of these departments have become out of control juggernauts. Unlike organisations who compete in the market place, they have few reasons to maintain and grow their customer base.

As their funding is not based on customer service or customer satisfaction, they have few reasons to respond to the requests or concerns of those they are intended to serve.

The general attitude of public service staff is that everything would run much better without customers!

In contrast, those working in the market place realise and accept the custom of the customer as the important person without whom they would have no job

Successive governments realised just how much they had lost control of these juggernauts, and established a number of “Independent Statutory Bodies” in the hope of at least making the departments somewhat accountable to those they are intended to serve, and to the public who provide their funding.

The Department of Human Services is by far the most out of control, with its awesome despotic powers impacting adversely on the most vulnerable in our community. The “independent statutory bodies” such as the Ombudsman, Office of the Public Advocate, Office of the Disability Services Commissioner and VCAT have little hope of making this juggernaut accountable for its actions. They have become little better themselves!

Consumers and their families must be empowered to call the tune! Not the service providers dictating to the consumers! In outside industry, the customer is always considered right!

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