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Wednesday, April 11 2012

by the big power brokers within two government departments who have the following hierarchical order over people:-

1. The Australian Tax Office.

2. The Department of Human Services, Victoria.

3. God.

The ABC’s 7:30 Report, April 9, 2012, reported the Australian Tax Office as abusing its power.

When ATO senior auditor Ms Serene Teffaha reported things like procedural fairness and natural justice were not being appropriately delivered, her concerns were ignored!

Eventually, Ms Teffaha and five colleagues made a complaint under the federal whistleblower protection laws. But soon discovered, they did not get the fair hearing they foolishly believed they would.

In a writ lodged in the Federal Magistrates Court in Melbourne, Serene Teffaha says that after the whistleblower complaint was lodged, the Australian Tax Office turned on her.

She says she was singled out from her colleagues and falsely accused of being a bully with suicidal tendencies. She says private detectives were hired to investigate her, and her future job prospects were threatened.

It's been completely paralysing for me, because the ATO were able to systematically wage these types of behaviours and actions against me with little or no appropriate accountability for their actions.

Serene felt she been forced to actually attempt to make these individuals, these senior officials within the ATO accountable through actually going to court.

Serene has written to the Federal Government calling for a review of the ATO's governance and accountability, as the unchecked and unfettered powers of the ATO are unparalleled.

They might not be physically hurting people, but they are most certainly psychologically and mentally waging a horrific war on those who attempt to question their bureaucratic activities.

Similar horrific war is waged by the Department of Human Services against anyone who dares to expose their questionable management practices, staff lore and service provision for vulnerable people and their families.

Traditional department reactive management philosophy is not to recognise good staff, and to punish them if they make just one simple error. Yet no matter what questionable staff do or don’t do, they are not exposed, reprimanded or dismissed.

So good staff say, “If no one is interested in, or cares what I do, and no one is concerned about the questionable actions of questionable staff, then why should I bother to do more than just appear at my workplace, take the pay and look the other way”.

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