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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Monday, September 10 2012

Regarding the article 'Care Affair' published in the Riv Herald (Monday, August 20). The article failed to mention some of the matters raised and there was no attempt by the chief executive officer to address the deterioration of the service.

Does he believe, sitting In his newly outfitted offices, that all is well?

Mr Wright mentioned about quality staff (and no doubt there are many staff who are just that) but did not speak of 'quality programs', nor mention the relevance of an expensive, and what we consider, top-heavy senior management structure?

The state of the building at High St is a concern. There are issues with clients who are incontinent in having their hygiene needs met; There are some staff who do not know how to fit a continence aid correctly and some clients have been left in discomfort for long periods of time. Re. the client leaving the building, (the client) was actually found by another client and returned to the safety of his group.

The client's worker did not even realise he was missing. Nor were the parents notified. Mr Wright says that parents/carers are welcome to attend bi-monthly meetings. These were well-attended once, but because of Mr Wright's unwillingness to answer questions, numbers have dropped dramatically.

On Mr Welier's suggestion, the parents submitted questions fora proposed meeting with the Chairman of the MHS Board. We are now informed that the chairman will not meet with the parent group.

Mr Weller, as ambassador for MHS, is very supportive of the work that MHS do in the community — unfortunately, there were no favorable words about the hard work and long hours the parents/carers (his constituents) put in to support their loved ones, Any parent/carer wishing to join the group, please phone 0422 928 338. The Parent Group (of MHS clients)

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