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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Sunday, February 02 2014

(DRAFT at 1 Feb 2014)
“Items and amounts are often a matter of conjecture”

The charges for residents in DHS group homes have (prior to early 2014), generally, been quite standard for years. Administrators pay a monthly amount (John pays $870pm) to the Client's Trust Fund with State Trustees, and State Trustees pay the DHS from the Trust Fund three components (as per attachment): Rent ($231.17pm),
Housekeeping ($458.84pm) and Personal Expenditure ($168pm).

 Rent is standard for everyone.

 Housekeeping varies a bit from house to house. Housekeeping includes, Food, Utilities and Kitchen Items such as cups, plates, cutlery, etc, etc.

 Personal Expenditure covers the person’s social activities as well as their

As well as paying the Trust Fund Fee, administrators pay for such items as those listed below:-

The DSP is, in total, $1,660pm (without CRA - not everyone gets the CRA). So the balance for John, without the CRA, is $1660pm less $870pm (Trust fund payment) = $790 less Day Services ($300pm), Private Health Insurance ($130pm), Manchester ($30pm) Clothes ($50pm), Dental Charges ($15pm), Medication ($40pm), Masseur
(76pm), Lunches whilst out with his family ($50pm, and any shared charges (as mentioned above) ($50pm) = $49pm disposable income.If, however, the resident is receiving some CRA ($80pm) and the Mobility Allowance ($174pm) (not used for the purpose intended) then their disposable income will be $303pm.

NOTE: Many figures are considered to be a reasonable estimate.

What will happen when the B&L starts in Mar/Apr 2014?

The Rent and Housekeeping will remain about the same, but the two will be combined (bundled) – just a little adjustment for cost of living increases.The main reason for combining these two components is, through an agreement
between the State Government and Centrelink, all DHS residents will be eligible for the full CRA ($270pm.

In exchange for the full CRA being handed over to DHS, DHS has agreed to pay all manchester (bed linen, towels etc), and domestic equipment requiring repair orreplacement, such as toasters, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. Leaving the resident (administrator) with just the combined rent and housekeeping, to be called "B&L", clothes, medication, personal expenditure, and other personal items Personal Expenditure remains as is.

Under "B&L" the resident will be financially better off, but will lose "Choice and Control", as the department will now have control over most things they have agreed to fund from the CRA.

We do, however, have concerns there will be significant amount left from the CRA to go into state coffers.

DHS state the service components to be funded by the CRA are:-

utilities, communications including telephone, communal furnishings and whitegoods, food, general household consumables, household equipment and utensils, bedding and linen and repair or replacement of the relevant listed items as required.

Whereas, utilities, communications, including telephone, food, household consumables, household equipment and utensils is, and will be covered from housekeeping. Just bedding, linen, communal furnishings, whitegoods and repair or replacement of the relevant listed items are required to be funded from the CRA of $270pm from each resident.

In conclusion, we estimate just $100 of the CRA would be required by the DHS to fund the above listed CRA funded items. This leave a $170pm profit for the state government from each of the 2,300 residents throughout the state. This being over $4.6 million in total profit for the state government.


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