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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Abuse & Neglect - Tip of the Iceberg!

Financial Abuse : Procrastination Abuse

Financial abuse is occurring in Victoria in respect to residential charges between state government managed supported accommodation group homes and non-government group homes.

Residents living in state government group homes pay around 47% of DSP (Disability Support Pension) for rent housekeeping and utilities, and 100% of CRA (Commonwealth Rent Assistance) for which they receive manchester, whitegoods and transport.

Whereas, residents living in non-government group homes pay up to 75% of DSP, 100% of CRA, and pay for manchester, whitegoods and transport.

An extensive review of residential charges was undertaken by the VPSC (Victorian Public Sector Commission), whereby they say the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) is claiming their charges are subsidised and their services are unsustainable at this level of subsidy. 

The VPSC report estimates, these are claims by DHHS that the department faces a shortfall of $25million (including unfunded liabilities) in 2014-15 for group home accommodation, housekeeping, administration and transport.  Whereas, most of the department’s claimed losses are directly due to their shocking management, shocking level of waste, excessive administration and proscription.

This VPSC review found residential charges for the residents of DHHS homes did not cover the cost of that it was intended to cover – rent, housekeeping and utilities.  Whereas, our direct, in practice, findings shows that 47/50% of DSP is an adequate residential charge.

Non-government, CSO, residents have to pay up to 75% of DSP, as the DHHS fails to fully fund CSOs for support service costs.

Where residents are fully funded for their support serviced costs, residential charges should not exceed 50% of DSP.

The department in its bureaucratic blindness/procrastination, head in a bucket, has not ensured all people with similar needs are charged similar. 

This being a level where residents are left with adequate disposable income to ensure their lifestyle is the best it can be within the limitations of their disabilities.  And, not at a level whereby they are forced to be degraded to the extent of having to apply for hardship.

The department has put the VPSC report in the too-hard-basket, leaving the NDIS national practice policy to level the residential charges upwards, with DHHS residents finally paying the excessive charges being imposed upon CSO residents…  So much for the NDIS saying, “No one moving to NDIS will be worse off”.


Procrastination is a major problem for people with disabilities and their stakeholders, especially those within government direct services.  Procrastination is abuse and neglect, especially for those seriously limited by their disabilities.  Those with non-government service providers suffer indirectly, as their service providers suffer bureaucratic procrastination by their government funding sources, and questionable regulation by these.

Most bureaucrats and those who enjoy a captive market workplace see those with limited capacity as not high priority, and as not aware of their looks and likes.  It matters little how long this or that takes…  It matters little how long it takes to get them new clothes, how long they have to wait for their meals, how good the meals are, or if they receive active support.

This, and more, is just another form of abuse and neglect of those who have so little in their lives per se, and in comparison with the general public.  

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