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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Many group homes are little better than remand centres? How much better under NDIS?

Government Department’s

The following is an example of the initial punishment and intimidation those representing people with disabilities suffer who dare to be effective in questioning service level and quality of government direct care service where the support staff are public servants who have no reason whatsoever for customers or customer service.


Dear Parents,

We write to you regarding the service provided to your son by the Department of Health & Human Services (the department) at the department’s disability services group home.

Whilst the department acknowledges your right to provide feedback, our staff find the volume and at times, the content of your correspondence and communication to be challenging. We are committed to providing your son with a high quality service and timely responses when you contact us, we do require some cooperation from you to achieve this.

In order to clearly define the expectations of the department and to ensure you know what to expect when communicating with the department, we have implemented a Communication Plan to assist us all. I have set out the protocols contained within this Communication Plan below.

Written correspondence

    All written correspondence:

•  must be submitted to the department addressed to one manager …………..

   If correspondence is submitted to another person within the
   department, it will be forwarded to the one said manager for

•  The said manager will acknowledge all correspondence within
   two days and provide a full response within fourteen days and,

•  If the department considers the matters you raise to have been
   addressed previously, you will be advised of this and provided
   with any relevant previous documentation.

Telephone calls

All telephone calls will be directed to the one said manager. If telephone calls are made to other staff members within the department, a message will be taken and passed to the one said manager with a request to call you back within two days.

Visiting the department house where you son resides:

•  You are requested to prearrange visits via telephone.

•  If no visit has been prearranged, you will not be permitted entry
   to the home unless your son is at home with the exception of his
  expected imminent arrival i.e. from an appointment or day program.

•  Conversations you have with support staff members at the home
   should be limited to your son's progress, health and well-being.

•  We request that you do not engage in any of the following activities
   while visiting    your son's home. If you do engage in such activities,
   staff will ask that you refrain and if you continue to engage in the
    activity, staff will ask you to leave the home:

o interrupting staff from supporting other residents or from completing their duties,

o inappropriate or derogatory comments or questions about other residents and staff

o any form of abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards staff or residents.

We reiterate that we are implementing this Communication Plan to ensure we are able to provide you with a high quality service while also providing a safe and respectful service to others - August 2016.


The intention of such government restrictive practice directives is to discourage any form of service evaluation or complaint.  The message sent is that of, “leave your family member with us, go away and don’t come back!”

The family attempting to get other than basic mindercare for their family member did no more than question service implementation against defined care policies, standards and values.

Yet the family have been further threatened by this despotic government department in a letter stating, Any further inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in our Communication Plan being further reviewed. 

This means further restrictive practice directives against the family moving toward a standard practice by this government department of using a work-safe PIN (Provisional Infringement Notice)  These notices very legally block the family from going anywhere near the place of residence of their family member.

We are confident the State Government, in having their Treasury Department fund support services for people with disabilities, never intended their Department of Health & Human Services to use this funding to give them power-over-people, in total contrast to NDIS funding indended to provide the consumer/participant with, “choice, control, service entitlement, and be valued”.          

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