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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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 Advantages and Disadvantages with NDIS Marketplace Philosophy 

Cherry Picking  
Financial, Social and Moral Aspects

With the Federal Government saying they want people to have genuine choice and control over the support they receive from NDIS support service funding, and this cannot happen if the Victorian Government continues to dominate the disability services market, there is real potential for “Cherry Picking” by non-government service providers who are scheduled to take over state government managed services.

Government direct care services have always maintained that they, without question, will always take people with high support needs and behaviours of concern.  This mainly results from government services having a bottomless pit of funding, whereas they have expected non-government service providers to provide complex services on a pittance.

Non-government service providers are being strongly advised by their peak body, the NDS, to ensure those with high support needs and behaviours of concern come with adequate NDIS support service funding.

Whilst it is totally understandable for marketplace services to want to ensure financial sustainability, little consideration is given to the social aspect of behaviours of concern on both direct care support staff, other clients and the general public.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria have since time immemorial had a bums-on-seats, dumping, placement practice for residents in shared supported accommodation group homes throughout Victoria

There are numerous examples of compatible residents being forced, not consulted, to take a totally incompatible client into their home to totally devastate their quality of life directly, and indirectly by stressing support staff to a degree they can, subsequently, do no more than mindercare with all residents.

The financial impact of a person with behaviours of concern is well understood and accepted, their impact on support staff is well understood and accepted  But their impact on other clients is not well understood.  This is, however, accepted as of little consequence.

Group home support staff can take respite in the office, on their official breaks and they go home each day. The other residents get no such respite, and no one gives a damn!

The DHHS has always taken the easy option of  “dumping”, rather than provide proper facilities for proper and meaningful behaviour management by well trained, motivated and remunerated staff with outcome expectations.

Without this, both sides of the equation are disadvantaged.  The compatible clients get little staff quality of life attention, and the incompatible client gets no proper and meaningful behaviour management to improve their quality of life and reduce any negative impact on others.

It should be noted that DHHS (Victoria) care policies, standards and values say, “Everyone should feel safe and comfortable in their home”.  As does the Victorian Disability Act, section 5(2)(b).  And, the Act says, under section 5(2((b):  “Persons with a disability have the same right as other members of the community to live free from abuse neglect or exploitation”,  And, under section 74(1)(b):  “A disability service provider may give a resident a written notice of temporary relocation from a community residential unit if the resident is causing serious disruption to the proper use and enjoyment of the premises by other residents”

It should also be noted that this state department (DHHS), which currently and directly manages more than half of the group homes in Victoria, has never enacted section 74(1)(b) of the Disability Act 2006.  Equally, the department’s DSR (Disability Support Register), that which despotically controls all placements in all group homes in Victoria, restricts those suffering the effects of serious disruption to their proper use and enjoyment of the group home in which they live from relocating – locked-in a group home with no right to quiet enjoyment..    

In conclusion:  There are advantages and disadvantages with the NDIS marketplace philosophy.  The consumer (person with disabilities and their stakeholder), with NDIS ISP support service funding in their pocket,  has the financial and moral capacity to choose their service provider.  Equally, the service provider, now operating in the free marketplace (no block funding restraints), has the right to choose clients.  And the right to say, "If you don't like what we do, go elsewhere!".  This can eventually lead to a ‘black list’ of consumers deemed as too difficult to support.  But, with the benefit of people, in theory, living in group homes feeling safe, compatible and comfortable in their home.   

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