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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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"Bosses Banned from Workplaces!"
In times gone by the boss was recognised by workers as having the right be in the workplace at anytime to check on progress and practice of that for which he or she was paying or was directly responsible. And to catch-up on office work.

In modern times, managers and supervisors are frequently seen as intruders spying on staff if they dare to enter the workplace without extensive advance notice when not scheduled to be at the workplace.

This reduced ability for service providers to monitor service level and quality for very vulnerable people with limited capacity to question services for themselves, those with an intellectual or multiple disability, is a major concern for caring families.

The responsibility of properly supervising the operation of supported accommodation group homes providing quality of life care for residents is enormous and complex. Yet house supervisors within DHS direct care services are often under direction not to be at the house when not specifically rostered on duty.

Dedicated house supervisors frequently see a need to spend extra time at the house to ensure the house runs smoothly for residents and staff. There is a limit to the effectiveness of supervisors taking work home.

With service managers and house supervisors restricted from going to, and being at group homes whenever they wish, with or with out notice, to ensure residents are receiving consistent quality of life care, leaves vulnerable residents reliant on staff integrity. Naturally, there are some great direct care staff, with great integrity, who treat residents like they were their second family.

In the real world, such integrity is not consistent. Management is therefore tasked with ensuring the organisation provides consistent service within its mission statement and policies. Yet within the DHS, managers and supervisors are restricted by direct care staff lore.

House Supervisors are expected to be totally responsible and accountable for everything in the house. Yet they have few rights and little authority They are unlikely to be supported by line management when attempting to set, monitor and maintain direct care staff work values within departmental care policies, standards, guidelines and values, and within staff job descriptions.

If a House Supervisor comes into the house at times when not rostered-on, stays after their shift, comes in early or phones staff at the house when he or she is not on duty . is frequently grounds for a successful harassment complaint by direct care staff with HACSU support against weak DHS management. Management who are also intimidated by direct care staff into not visiting a house without giving prior notice to staff.

Although held responsible and accountable, a House Supervisor is rarely permitted to be a pro-active and responsible supervisory person. And, is not sufficiently empowered to address the needs and aspirations of the residents for whom he/she is responsible. This is reinforced by work rosters which are mainly focused on staff, not resident needs.

In total contrast the State Services Authority (SSA) Victoria say, "Managers transform organisational vision into outcomes. They do this by advising, leading, following, connecting, collaborating, acting, persevering and delivering".

LISA Comment: Caring parents can never feel free to depart this world whilst captive market service provision permits questionable management and supervision to occur in the DHS direct service provision. We have rarely seen the SAA management statement (above) applicable to DAS management.

Extra 1: Human Rights Commission (Victoria) - New Website

Extra 3: In-Terms : "BOPA" = "Blame it on the Privacy Act" : The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (Victoria) says the DHS are the largest users of BOPA. "FUBAR" = "Messed-up Beyond All Repair" (Fubar is German slang derived from the word "Furchtbar," which is the opposite of wonderbar... Wonderbar = is good Furchtbar or Fubar = terrible) : We suggest this applies to the DHS in Victoria.

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