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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Keep the Bloated Bureaucratic Bungling, say HACSU
“We are so busy with the paperwork about care, to do the care!"
“Reality and choice versus ideology and confusion!”
"Layers of management that don't!”


HACSU says the Sandhurst Centre, Bendigo, is one of the last congregate care facilities in Victoria, and is scheduled to close in 2016. 

They say the Napthine Government is most likely intending to have the subsequent group home services provided by non-government service providers

This union claims CSOs are struggling to properly fund equitable pay and conditions as the public sector.  They claim lower wages and conditions equals less ability to attract, retain and recruit skilled direct care staff, and the NDIA market-rate for wages and conditions is poor.

HACSU anticipate, if the present government of Victoria is re-elected, they will follow WA and NSW, and move all public sector disability services to the CSOs or profit providers.

This union says the success of the NDIS, and disability services, will depend on having a trained and skilled workforce who are committed to the work.  Without commensurate pay and conditions, this will not occur!

LISA Comment:  The above HACSU, Health and Community Services Union, vision is an affront to not-for-profit CSOs, Community Service Organisations. 

These comments suggest the union’s main concern is retaining and supporting its members, in contrast to level, quality and amount of services for people with disabilities and their families.

Whilst so many parents have to provide support, well into their senior years, for their adult family member with disabilities, the Department of Human Services (DHS/the department) squanders government resources by failing to, and being unable to properly manage its services and resources.

As a consequence, the department fails to fully fund CSOs with support service funding, as they do their own services.  CSOs have to, therefore, charge their residents more, fund raise or use less support staff.  Or a combination thereof.

Since time immemorial, the department has used its despotic powers to totally control every aspect of services funded mainly from state government block funding for people with limited capacity and so little in their lives.

The department’s DSR (Disability Support Register) totally restricts the reasonable human right of choice and control for those living in, or seeking to live in a group home/shared supported accommodation (SSA).  We trust the NDIS will eventually release vulnerable people and their families from the despotic clutches of government services, for them to have real choice and control. 

Residents of SSAs are currently unable to choose their service provider, the department denies its residents real residential tenancy rights, is in totally denial in respect to service level and quality complaints and is unable to properly and consistently manage it services to ensure they are fully and consistently within their extensive and comprehensive care policies, standards and values.

The union’s quest is to retain the department as a service provider, as the department is a soft target to fund their membership with little or no justification this translates into consistent and meaningful quality of care for the residents of department group homes.      

Layers of bloated and dysfunctional public service administration within the department is illustrated by the level of government funding they give themselves, versus the level of government funding they provide to non-government service providers who provide similar services for people with disabilities throughout the state. 

State government group homes receive, on average, $128,000 per resident, per year.  Whereas, non-government group homes receive just $76,000 per resident, per year.

The department has to spend-up-big to compensate for its reactive management's bureaucratic bungling throughout...  Its reactive rather than proactive management buys, rather than properly manages its way!

The department spends-up-big on its massive range of publications - care policies, standards and values.  Incentive is, however, quite limited when it comes to the consistent implementation of the direction, intention and spirit of these care policies, standards and values for whom they are intended - people with disabilities who should be at the centre of service provision, and without whom there would be no DHS.

Successive state governments fund the department, but have little or no control over its systemic operations, or its bureaucratic field-day with public money, whilst tight expectations are set on the short-changed non-government, not for profit, CSO service providers.

If the residents of current block funded group homes were, at the stroke of a pen, given their block support service funding in an ISP (Individual Service Package) format, as well as their human right of real residential tenancy rights, they could, at will, (a) move service providers or, (b) as a group, choose their service provider and directly negotiate their service contract.  This would be real choice and control!  

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