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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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Autistic man repeatedly injured in state care
Source: ABC 7pm TV News Vic - Friday, May 27, 2011 7:02pm

The Department of Human Services has been asked to explain the cause of injuries sustained by David Yassa while living at a DHS-run house in Melton, Victoria.

The mother of an autistic man has issued the Department of Human Services (DHS) Victoria, with a “please explain” over a series of disturbing injuries her son suffered in state care (a DHS direct care, supported accommodation group home).

She has been denied access to numerous incident reports detailing numerous injuries, including a broken leg, head injuries and severe bruising. The department says it will only release the documents, following a FOI request being made.

The DHS has not told Mrs Yassa, her son suffered extensive bruising, head injuries and a badly broken leg in state care.

32 year old David Yassa is autistic, non verbal and lives in a DHS run house in Melton, west of Melbourne - going home with his mother at weekends.

When he broke his leg, he spent six weeks in hospital. DHS staff told Mrs Yassa, that David had tripped on the carpet.

An expert in autism considers David’s bruising consistent with David being pinned down with his arms behind his back.

Advocates say the care plan for David Yassa was prepared in 2008, but was ignored. Care plans were not followed at all. DHS say Mrs Yassa must make a FOI request for access to incident reports.

A DHS spokesman would not comment on the injuries, but they are being investigated, and alternative accommodation is being sought.

LISA Comment: This story illustrates a public service, captive market, philosophy, where no one owns the company, so it's all no one's responsibility.

Service philosophy of this nature is especially devastating for the vulnerablepeople in our society. Government departments take advantage of vulnerable people - especially people with an intellectual or multiple disability and their families.

The Department of Human Services in Victoria, is accountable to no one but the Minister. Ministers traditionally support and protect their department from public and opposition scrutiny. This government department has become a law unto itself - accountable to no one.

There is but one chance to introduce a reasonable degree of service rights, entitlement and customer service to people with a disability and their families - the federally funded NDIS/NDIA.

The National Disability Insurance Agency, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, should provide people with a disability and their families service rights and choice.

Market place choice is a service quality driver, in contrast to the present captive market, charity hand-out.

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