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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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"A Fair Go?"
Two Victorian Premiers made Promises!
But the bureaucratic "Yes Minister" philosophy remains to
disadvantage the disadvantaged!

"A Fairer Victoria is our Government’s landmark action plan to reduce disadvantage and share our State’s prosperity with more Victorians by building stronger and more inclusive communities" - John Brumby.

"We will use Growing Victoria Together to talk in more detail with Victorians about the key issues facing each community. We will continue to listen, act and work together to create a caring and innovative Victoria" - Steve Bracks.

"Fair go?"
Where is the fair go when people seriously disadvantaged by intellectual and multiple disability living in supported accommodation group homes, especially those where the DHS is the service provider, pay rent but are specifically denied residential tenancy rights through Section 23 of the Residential Tenancy Act?

As they consequently have few reasonable rights in their home. Their group home must therefore be little more than a hostel!

They have, for example, no determination over staff or their practices, or of any major changes to "their home".

"Fair go?"
Where is the fair go when these seriously disadvantaged people have no legal right to expect the Community Visitors from the Office of the Public Advocate, who have the legal right to enter and examine any aspect of their home (hostel?) at any time they please without warning or invitation, to speak with them during their visit. Consequently, their group home must be little more than a hostel!

"Fair go?"
Where is the fair go when these seriously disadvantaged people have no right to expect the process. policy and systemic components of a service complaint, the core aspect of any complaint, be investigated by the Office of the Disability Services Commissioner. This is despite the Commissioner very actively promotes, "It's OK to complain!" And go on to say, "Those involved with the ODSC complaints processes will feel their views have been heard and respected and that, wherever possible the person with a disability will experience improved service outcomes".

LISA Comment: "This is not our experience, or that of many people we know!" "If you have experiences or comment in this regard, please share with us."

Process, Policy and Systemics are the core reasons individual service level and quality issues and failures occur, and that these issues and failures are repeated over and over again.

Service providers who pro actively get their processes, policy and systemic management right will have the basics for few overall complaints, contented residents and families, and staff with job satisfaction.

Tony & Heather Tregale
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