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L.I.S.A Inc
Welcome to L.I.S.A. Inc
Members of NDS, VCOSS and the Castan Centre of Monash HR Law

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This website contains a very large amount of information
on an extremely complex and political subject  
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What is it like to be an Australian with a disability?
Dr Rhonda Galbally tells it how it is!
"No person with a disability who needs a carer with them, need pay for two"

"Attitude, Attitude and Attitude"
"Social Change comes from the Passion of Individuals"

The Impossible dream
LISA Inc. Theme Song

You and me against the bureaucrats & Ideologues

There is now a DHS Federal and a DHS (now DHHS - Mar 2015) Victoria. They are not associated. DHS Federal incorporates, Centrelink, Medicare and CRS Australia, under the Human Services Amendment Act 2011, on 1 July 2011


• Impatience:-        create positive change
• Stubbornness:     not give up on things we believe
• Frustration:          not be complacent with things that should change
• Conflict:               that comes from wanting things to improve
• Pushiness:           when there is much to be gained
• Inexperience:      because we keep trying new things and pushing boundaries
• Outspokenness:   to not accept the unacceptable

• Oppositionality:   to agitate for change


Intellectual Disability and Autism Care and Support

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